Dr. Peter Wiesner

Dr. Peter Wiesner is an educated Biochemists and molecular biologist. Several company founders have profited from his experience and contacts in the field of Biotechnology, Genomics and Bioinformatics. In our team, his main responsibility is the planing, marketing and funding consultation.


Professional Experience

Since 1987, Dr. Peter Wiesner has gained experience in the marketing department of Biotechnology. At Pharmacy Biotech he started as a product specialist and was soon responsible for the distribution of large equipment and resources, first in the Europe division and then in the International division. At LION Bioscience he was responsible for the structuring of distribution and marketing strategies, from day one, later also leading the Genomics Department and its high-throughput technologies. 2001 he was co-founder and business executive of the phase-it AG, a spin-out of DKFZ with an aim in molecular diagnostics.


Am Zapfenberg 18 

69121 Heidelberg 

Phone: +49 6221 655645  

email: wiesner@gt-hd.de


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