Michaela Kepka

Has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has focussed on the areas Marketing, Education, Communication and Change-Management. One of her main attributes is her creative strategy planning when it comes to realizing concepts. Starting out with the idea she is able to develop plans to create a viable business concept, including the financing aspect. She is a master in thinking outside of the box and has access to a to a large international Network of strategic partners. This allows her to accompany founders of new companies as well as large businesses and institutions through the realization of their innovative ideas.


Work Experiences

Her studies in applied graphics, painting and sculpting were followed by international management, marketing and psychology. During these years she was keen to gain experience early and so she worked in the family business and also became a successful freelance artist. In 2000 she founded a an international educational institution that is now successfully managed by a large company that runs several schools in Germany. Since 2009 she works as an advisor and coach to international educational institutions and businesses. Her main focus is to develop concepts to implement Social Media as Enterprise 2.0 - solutions as well as change management strategies for the digital transformation.


Tel.  +49 6221 655645

email: kepka@gt-hd.de


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