Markus Neth

As a business administrator graduate, Markus Neth started his practice as a project and research assistant at the Steinbeis-Transfer center. The main focus of his work was the development of an innovative Production-Plan-Tool that was able to manage Manufacturing Companies fully automated (this was the beginning of Industry 4.0). Subsequently he played a significant role in developing a fully automated delivery system for spare parts, to provide industrial companies with required materials automatically.


Professional Experience

For more than 20 years, Markus Neth has been consulting midsize companies, focusing on Merges & Acquisitions of the involved parties, Buy and Sell of companies with strategic cooperations and vital management. This included the consideration of the ideal state funding. Using the experience he gathered in many projects he managed to establish his own system. Starting with a business plan and developing a business case, a long term Support is assured throughout the set goals and the final exit, for both Initiators and Investors. Over the years, a network was established that is eager to take in new promising ideas and develop them


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