Kai Grunwald

The lawyer in our team is responsible for Life-Sciences and Biomedical technology. He is an experienced Founding Consultant and acts as an Interim Manager to supervise projects and to make sure that the plans are being followed and deadlines met. Additionally, he takes care of general management issues and tasks.

Professional Experience

Kai Grunwald has been working for tech-based companies since 1998. At LION bioscience he was in charge of the structure and administration, first at the legal department and later in the operations department. 2003, him and some colleagues founded Phenix Pharmaceuticals in a Management-Buy-Out. In 2005 he then founded the Certon GmbH, a spin-out of the Heidelberg University. Both these companies were financed by Venture Capital Providers and are successful in todays markets.


Phone: +49 179 / 2331584 

email: grunwald@gt-hd.de


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