Free money

The EU and the State offer several funding programs for Research and Development projects for midsize companies. The main ones are:

  • ZIM, the central innovation program by BMWi

  • KMU-innovative, the high-tech strategy by BMBF

  • EU research supporting program Horizon 2020

Especially small and medium sized Businesses, according to EU definition, can benefit from these programs. However, these supportive measures often stay unused, either due to limited knowledge about the variety and appeal of these funding measures, or the lack of a convincing funding strategy and the complex application for these kind of funds. 


We at GT-HD GmbH have successfully specialized in supporting small innovative businesses in acquiring Funds, for over 10 years. Experts at GT-HD gladly help you sort through the complexity of receiving funds, including the knowledge of laws and regulations and the ability to assess realistic possibilities.


Allocation of Task


In a first meeting that is free of charge, we take a look at your innovation proposition evaluate the possibilities, and give you clear recommendations of the next steps. If there are realistic chances of success our experts will support you in all aspects of the application and help acquire the required documents. This way the work you have to put in will be kept at a minimum, especially the allocation of resources and operations scheduling.


Through our thorough attention to the laws and regulations we improve your chances of successful funding significantly. Our company works success dependently, so an admitted application is in our favor as well. 


If the application is successful we offer our support throughout the further process of implementing the project. This is then accounted for on a daily rate basis.



Are you unsure whether you want to implement your innovative product or idea?

Using the "BMVi-Innovation" voucher you can use the module "go-innovative" designed to fund the consulting of small businesses that need support in the supported fields. One of the fields is the development of manufacturing processes or technologies that are in some way innovative and the other field is the professionalization of innovation-management.


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